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Frequently asked questions...

Q: What are your business hours?

A: As a rule, the hours are 7 days a week, starting at 9:30am with the last appointment booked in at 6:30pm by appointment only.

Q: How long are your appointments?

A: My sessions are from 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, and sometimes 2 hours long. My assessments are free and included in the treatment. The clock does not start ticking until the massage begins. So, if you are booking a 90 min massage and it’s your first time, allow a 2 hour time slot, as you will need to fill out a New Client Form. The longer your massage, the more your muscles get a chance to relax. On the 90 min massage, I can generally do head to toe, including scalp and feet, which most of my regular  clients prefer,  as it is incredibly relaxing!   Head to toe massage restores balance and harmony energetically in the body. When there is pain or stress anywhere, there are energy blocks which are greatly alleviated through massage. I recommend that clients do not have anything else planned after their massage to reap full benefits of the massage. Many clients over the years who had planned to go shopping, or planned to go for lunch or dinner after a session, ended up changing plans and going straight home. One of my recent clients stated, “you really need a shuttle service!” This gives you an idea how “blissed out” you could feel. My treatments are more then just a massage; they are an “experience”, as they incorporate all the senses.

Q: Do I have to use scented oils?

A: I use a base oil of organic cold pressed Grapeseed oil which is high in antioxidants, and unscented.  The essential oils I use are therapeutic and 100 % Organic. If you prefer not to have scents, that is fine. Keep in mind that I use only high grade quality essential oils, and each person gets a personal blend created for them on the spot, based on their mental, physical, and emotional needs. If you are highly sensitive to perfumes, and even natural scented flowers, please let me know ahead of time so that I do not diffuse oils into the air prior to your arrival.

Q: What do I wear during the massage?

A: You have the option of leaving your underpants/panties on during the treatment. Men, if  you prefer to wear underwear,  please wear jockeys if at all possible, or loose fitting boxers.

If you would like the head to toe European Lymphatic Drainage Massage, (which incorporates long effleurage moves from head to toe, it is ideal not to wear undergarments).It is recommended that you have a hot shower or bath prior to your arrival so that your pores are open and more readily absorb the oils. Please wear comfortable clothing, or bring something comfortable to change into after your treatment. It’s ok to bring P.J’s to change into, and is not uncommon with some of my regular clients! The oils are good for the skin and do not need to be showered off. In fact, most of it will be absorbed by the time you get home. Please note that you are always respectfully draped with a thick extra long towel or flannel sheet. If you are new to my treatments, I always talk you through what I will be doing next, as well as ask your permission to uncover the portion that I am going to work on.

Q: Are you registered?

A: No, I am not an RMT. I am a Certified Aromatherapist. I have many Certificates in alternative health and healing techniques, and may incorporate a variety of them into my treatments. I cannot do ICBC or WCB claims. Even if you require an RMT for insurance purposes, I suggest you treat yourself once in awhile to an experience with me JUST BECAUSE it’s very different…and YOU are worth it. Many of my clients who do come to me do have insurance coverage and can’t claim me, but they come because they love the benefits.

Q: Do you work on children?

A: Yes, I have 4 daughters of my own whom I have massaged over the years from the ages of 5 and up ( now they are all adults and love Mom’s massages, as does my new son-in-law!)  I have also treated clients as young as 10. Children, whether they are boys or girls, seem to be very comfortable with me…and everyone likes the perks of Belgian Chocolate treats, not just the kids!

Q: How often should I come for a massage?

A: That depends entirely up to your situation. If someone has acute issues going on, I recommend 2-3 sessions within not more then a week or two apart, and then maintenance of 1x a month or 1x every 2 months. Generally people live in such a state of “unwellness”, they have no idea what wellness feels like anymore. If nothing hurts and you generally feel great, it’s a wonderful way to unwind. More often than not, I will be massaging someone who will say, “I didn’t even know I was tight there”, when I find spots that they didn’t know they had! My regular clients purchase pre-paid packages which gives them a discount and encourages more continual self-care.

It is great, once you have achieved a higher level of “well-being”, to maintain it rather then let the body regress to chronic pain and stress related issues again.

Q: What can I expect to feel after a treatment?

A: Generally a better sense of wellbeing and a substantial relief of whatever your issues were. I have been able to assist clients with chronic concerns, or short term acute ones. That being said, I do not hesitate to refer out to other health professionals that are complementary to my techniques if I deem it helpful. If you are very muscular, or request deeper pressure, and the particular area has been sore for a long time, you may experience some muscle tenderness the following day or two. If you are currently seeing a chiropractor, I suggest booking a massage BEFORE your Chiropractor appointment so that the muscles are relaxed and you are easier to adjust. Clients who are treating a specific long term condition, and who may be sore after the first massage, will experience less post-massage discomfort with subsequent treatments if they are not too far apart. Compare a thorough massage that you have not had before to a good workout in a gym when you haven’t worked out for a long time: you will most likely feel it the next day. I provide a tall glass of lemon or lime water which I encourage you to enjoy before you leave, as well as to drink lots of water the following 2 days after to flush out the lactic acid and other toxins that are released into the bloodstream from the massage.

Q: Do I have to be draped during the massage?

A: My room is very warm due to the fireplace and heated table to give you a comfortable experience. If you are experience hot flashes and or prefer it cooler, please let me know in advance and I will have the room cooler.  I am very professional, and at the very least require the groin to be draped whether you are male or female.

Q: Do you massage women who are pregnant?

A: Yes, I can accommodate women who are pregnant. Being a trained Aromatherapist, I am aware of certain essential oils that cannot be used during pregnancy. It is a lovely experience for an expectant mother to be pampered and alleviate some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Q: Do you have a shower available I can use before my treatment?

A: Yes, there is a shower you are welcome to use. Please request it at the time you make your appointment. There is a $5. charge with all towels, soaps, shampoos provided.

Q: I have never had a massage before and am nervous, yet my friends encourage me to try it. What can you do about that?

A: Try it; you just might like or even love it! If it’s your first time, and you are hesitant, book a shorter 45 min appointment. Most people have some neck or shoulder tension so that is usually a good place to start to assist people in relaxing. After that, you will have the option to choose what else you would like to have massaged to fill up the time slot: Hands and arms, legs, feet, back, face or scalp, or any combination that you would like to try.

Q: I received a 90 min Gift Certificate and am not sure I can lay still that long. Can I divide my massage into 2 sessions?

A: Yes, you can. However, what I will do, is tell you at the 45 min mark that the massage is half over, and offer to continue to the full 90 min. Only ONE person in 15 years has ever wanted me to stop and have the other half another time. In other words, time flies when you are having fun and enjoying being pampered :)

Q: Is your office in your home?

A: Yes, it is, and very conducive to relaxation as it is very quiet and comfortable. There is no crowded waiting room or public area you have to walk through with the “massage hair do” look! A home office also enables me to charge less then commercial businesses who have high overhead expenses. Many people walk into my treatment room, and say, “ahh….this is so nice, I need a relaxing room like this at home!”

Q: Do you have stairs, as I have a disability or a lot of pain that make stairs difficult to climb.

A: No, I have ground level entry, and the bathroom is close by on the same level.

Q: I really would need a massage now, but just can’t afford it. Do you take payment plans?

A: I will accept a postdated cheque or up to two postdated cheques if you are requiring the 90 min massage and badly in need of treatment and don’t have the funds available immediately. I have also been known to barter for services if you have a skill that I am interested in. Please contact me personally to make payment arrangements that meet your needs. I don't bite :)

Q: Do you accept debit cards?

A: No, I do not. You can pay by cash or cheque.

You may also prepay with Pay Pal before you come.

That service is available on my website under “store”.

If you do not have access to a computer before your treatment; please give advance notice so we can make arrangements on the office computer to pay for your services.

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?

A: Yes I do, but only through my website through PayPal.

If you are not comfortable with this form of credit card transaction you can always bring cash or cheque.